Hiring A Business Analyst?



Problem With Hired Business Analysts

Business Analysts are critical to any organisational change. But getting a good one at the right time, at the right price is a challenge and even when you manage to find someone, the you don’t really know whether they will build relationships and deliver. 


They are Expensive

Yet a major chunk of their time goes into documentation and reporting. Isn’t that a waste?


good ones are rare

Finding a good one at the right time, with the right skills is even more challenging, and you cannot keep them all hired all the time for the right time to arrive isn’t a justified cost. 


follows inconsistent approach

It is an unfortunate fact that there isn’t one consistent approach for Business Analysts to follow. So they all find their own way, making it even more difficult to solve the business challenges.


you Are Subject to ir35 risk

Recent changes to regulations in the UK means that for contractor hires, you carry some level of risk.

The Rimava Way!

Rimava is a boutique London-based consultancy for medium to large sized financial services organisations. 

We are experts in business analysis. We help our clients in understanding the current state of business objectively and rollout change faster and successfully, so they can achieve efficiency, compliance and serve greater value to customers.

We have a solution to the challenges stated above in hiring business analysts for your change projects. See more below. So before you hire, we suggest, talk to us.

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The Solution

With our innovative approach specifically designed keeping you in mind, many of the issues with the traditional ways of recruiting or hiring business analysts disappears. Here’s a summary; we would love to explain in more detail, just book a call.

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Get a Team, not An individual

Why pay one person when you can get a team? It’s a mindset shift you would love.


Unique Pause & Play® Facility 

Why pay for slack time? Our solution saves project expense, when work is in the low.


Speed With Best Use of Tools

We invest in training our consultants on the best use of tools for faster results.


An Efficient Method

We deliver best result with our innovative BA operating framework.


Quality Assured

Internal quality checks before it goes out to stakeholders.


Actively Managed

Why spend effort managing the work of a BA on project? Leave it on us.


We In A Snapshot

Our Intent

Cut overall time, cost & overhead on analysis in business change, with no less outcome.

Our Experience

14+ years in business. Run by professionals with decades of experience.

Our Clients

In Life & Pensions, General Insurance, Banking, Asset & Wealth and IT Consulting.


Ujjal Ghosal

Founder Director



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