What We Do

Analysis of Current Business Situation:

We review the business strategy, operation or technology in light of new opportunities, external conditions or threats. The objective is to get you better understanding of business and it’s challenges; understanding the root cause of problems; understanding business needs and the gaps to fulfil those needs.

Feasibility Analysis & Business Case of an idea or solution:

Every new idea brings excitement. But to jump on it without proper analysis of the balance between risks and rewards may turn out to be foolish act. Our in-depth feasibility & business case analysis assesses such balance in the context of all internal & external situations. Would anyone spend on something that is unlikely to produce returns?

Requirements Analysis & Modelling for a change:

We design target operating model and elicit business requirements so that you know where you are going to end up in before you are there. A majority of change projects fail because of not understanding the goal. We will not let let that happen.

Engagement Model
We analyse customer feedback and other business information to come up with insight and recommendation for improving customer experience, efficiency and profit. There are four types of services to cater your need, size & budget:

Total Business Review

Recommended for SMEs


Analyse Specific Needs

For any business


Analysis Packages

Pre-priced menu for SMEs


Hire by Time

Normally used by large businesses

Total Business Review

Take a holistic view of your business and get to the core of challenges in three logical steps. A narrow vision often leaves the root of problems unresolved.

Discovery & Insight

Analysis to understand the current state of your business and discover the challenges.

Strategy & Solution

Recommendations and Business Case to address your current problems and ambitions.

Change Implementation

Convinced on the benefits of change? We and our chosen partners will make it happen.

How we boost profit, performance and people’s experience? CLICK HERE.


Analyse Specific Needs

A comprehensive review is not always necessary. May be there’s just one thing which is bothering you. Perhaps something where better insight may help you make a confident decision or choose the right solution.

Call us to discuss your need. We may be able to do some research and analysis or give you a solution that best fits.


Analysis Packages

Packaged Solutions are perfect for small, startup and online businesses where price is a prime factor. As long as you know what you need, get discrete pieces of work that you need done, for very little. From capturing website requirements to creating a Business Case for your next idea, it’s simple affair.

Check current solutions (Hourlies) on PeoplePerHour.


Hire by Time

Need an experienced Business Analyst to support your change project? Hire a consultant or a contractor from us. We have some excellent people who could be a real asset to your business. We are proud that we made our esteemed Corporate Clients in the United Kingdom, happy.

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